Glamorous Outcasts


I read a book a few years back called "Bohemians, the Glamorous Outcasts" about the origins of the original outcasts. I'm not talking about the social media loving, "jet-setting", aloof peeps who claim to be 'boho' these days because they think its cool......these were the artists and poets and vagabonds and outcasts saying a big "screw you" to society even hundreds of years ago. The term "Glamorous Outcast" in itself was appealing to me having always been an outsider....always trying to find where I fit in only to realize later in life I don't need to fit in with anyone...... When it comes to style and what's trendy or the "it" items.......if you have been following this store for a while then you know that's not what we are about.......we are the glamorous outcasts.....the beautiful misfits.....the women who scare men when they enter the room......the ones who would rather search years for an item that no one else will have then wear the same common crap everyone else has on......and as this store matures and grows.......I hope you yourself realize how amazing being an outsider really is.

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Brooke Kittrell