Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, marks the first day of Spring…on this day (usually celebrated on March 21st) day and night are equal length. Going forward the days become longer than the nights, warmer weather is ushered in and Mother Earth wakens from the long, cold winter. Because day and night are of equal length on the Equinox, the holiday signifies balance. Also, in Pagan tradition, Ostara celebrates the triumph of life over death…how beautiful is that?

"Spiritually speaking, Spring is the season of new beginnings, fertility and growth. The name Ostara is derived from the Germanic goddess Eostre- goddess of the dawn, spring and fertility and an ultimate example of life's changing ways." via The Good Witch's Guide

So during this time, really celebrate the beauty of nature and balance and the cycles of life and death. Spring ALWAYS follows winter…and new life is ALWAYS reborn. Take this time to think about what you want to create this year, plant the seeds of intention and watch them bloom as the days grow longer. 

Here are our favorite looks for the coming season…the season of blooming flowers, warmth, and reawaking…..



Brooke Kittrell