Florals...For Spring...Groundbreaking

Congrats...you made it to today and you're alive...even after the cosmic roller coaster that has been January and February. Now that we've celebrated you and you're awesomeness it's time to chat about florals...for Spring...groundbreaking I know (lol please tell me you've seen The Devil Wears Prada). Buttttttt I'm here to tell you that you can totally break out of the cutesy, girly floral rut this Spring with a few styling tricks. 




The first way to step up your floral game is to add either a floppy hat or straw fedora. This immediately gives your floral ensemble an edge...and come on, it's time you start exploring hats!


The next styling trick is add black accessories to toughen up the outfit. Black is so unexpected when paired with a floral sundress it immediately grabs people's attention. It is as simple as tossing on a black choker or belt or hell even black ankle boots...look at you go.


The last tip is pair your floral items with chunky jewelry. Usually women tend to wear dainty pieces with prints but you are becoming a styling pro so toss on a wooden bangle or chunky necklace in a color you pull from your outfit and show them (whoever 'them' is 🤷🏼‍♀️) how it's done. 

  Roamer Shirt ,  Daydream  Skirt, Off Tropic  Hat 

 Roamer Shirt, Daydream Skirt, Off Tropic Hat 

So there you have it... go forth and conquer the florals game 🌻

Brooke Kittrell