a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business - henry ford
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Hey guys, Brooke the owner here, I've been a little MIA on the blog lately...ok since November oops...truth is just like everyone else I got a little burnt out during the end of 2017. It takes a bit of a toll on you when you are the website designer, buyer, stylist, occasional model, shipping department and customer service rep all in one....AND A MOM. I didn't have a clear vision of where I wanted to take this little online and Pop Up Shop boutique and that was the first time my brain drew a blank. But.....do you know what happens when you hit the bottom and feel like you can't do it anymore? A little switch flips and you get into survival mode....like "I will grow this brand into a damn empire or quit today....those are my only two options." Guess which option I chose....if not for the team behind me I couldn't have pushed through :Preston (for pushing me forward and being the stern voice of reason and being the sexiest business partner I could have asked for), my sweet son Andrew (the driving force that keeps me in "ok you have to feed your child mode") lol, Brandon my photographer (who is legit amazing and brought new life into the brand), my numero uno sidekick Kristina (motivating me every day with her beautiful presence and amazing attitude towards life), all of the models (and amazing makeup artist) who have coincidentally become my friends, who show up every day eager to represent Lotus y la Luna in the best way that they can......and you guys....my customers....who have also become my friends. I am straight up crying while writing this because the amount of love and support from you guys over the last year has seen me threw my highs and lows and made me come out on top. We celebrate one year of being in business on February 1st and I could not be more eager or excited to enter this second year of such a crazy, beautiful adventure. I have so many new products and styles I want to bring you guys because I love hearing how these clothes make you feel. Each one of you is so amazing and I want you to feel that way when you put on a Lotus y la Luna outfit. I hope you stay tuned to see what my team has up their sleeves this year.

Sending lots of love & gratitude your way,


Brooke Kittrell