Denim Daze

Here at Lotus y la Luna we like doing things differently (if it wasn't glaringly obvious)......including how we do denim. Yes we all love skinny blue jeans...and when we find the perfect pair you bet your ankle booties we will be stocking them BUT what about new shapes and designs? A denim wide leg cropped number like the Blue Sky Jeans here ..... maybe intimdating at first but styled with an off the shoulder blouse like the Midnight Top here and some great accessories and jeans suddenly feel fresh and new. 



And let's not forget about some good old 60's style patchwork denim like the Woodstock Shorts here , these don't just have to be reserved for spring & summer, pair them with a pullover and your favorite scarf like the newly restocked Eclipse Scarf here and forge ahead feeling groovy. 



Also, if you are like us you believe in wearing items because you love them not just because they are "trendy" at the item that will always be in our closet is a great denim skirt like the Sirens Call Skirt here  ....dressed down for day with a casual top and ankle boots like the new Boho Soul Booties here or paired with a Blouse and killer heels for a night out, a good denim skirt can work overtime for you. 



It's easy to get caught up in a monotonous denim daze with the same outfits and shapes but how about this season....shake it up a little. Catch ya next week mermaids 🐚 

Brooke Kittrell