Letting Go

Do you guys have certain pieces of clothing that you have on constant rotation....and then bam the season changes and all of sudden you are told to stow your favorite tank top away.... or to let your workhorse shorts take a rest? Well.....let's start letting those old preconceived notions go that certain items can only be worn during certain times of the year....in fact let's just toss all preconceived notions out the door and let go of what we are "told" to do....in outfit choices and life. It's a new season....a fresh start, the leaves have no problem letting go and falling from the trees right now...because they know how beautiful it is to let go and let mother nature perform her miracles. 

The trick to having a "seasonless" wardrobe is color and pattern choices.......neutrals like white, black, brown, navy and olive green can take you from 90 degree heat to layering Sweater after sweater. A great silk tank like the Mariposa Top here paired with an olive green pencil skirt like the Banks Skirt here suddenly becomes more "fallish" with a light layering piece like the new Pisces Vest here 🍁



And let's not forget about striped tops like the Pele Tank here that can be paired with gray shorts (gray is an unexpected neutral that can take you EVERYWHERE) like the Weekend Warrior pair here  and topped off with a statement jacket like the new Trilogy Jacket here 



Also, let's stop neglecting florals in Fall and Winter, shall we? An embroidered skirt like the Secret Thorns Skirt here  looks just as great paired with a crop top as it does a sweater and ankle boots. Another styling trick I love is getting more wear out of items.... like styling cotton skirts like the Banks one here like a tube top. Tie a sweater around your waist in case you get cold (like you are back in school in the 90's... yes friends I am that old in case you didn't know) and call it a day. 


So you see.....you can really wear whatever you want whenever you want, it's all about the styling.....kind of like in life...you can really do whatever you want whenever you want....it's just the WAY in which you do it. I hope I've dispelled some styling rules for you and I hope you let go of what is no longer serving you this season.... I promise you something better is coming your way ❤️ 

Brooke Kittrell