It's that time of year, where you see everyone posting pictures with palm trees in exotic locations.....wearing all of the items they've been "saving" for vacation. But how about those of us that can't take vacations that involve plane tickets and fruity drinks? about creating your own "getaway"? No matter where you live there are places to sneak away to and you SHOULD!

If you are going somewhere tropical, we totally have your packing list covered:

*the Ascension Kimono, $27, is the perfect swimsuit coverup and also makes for a great lightweight piece to add some variety to your vacay wardrobe

*get your palm prints on with the Bright Side Top and Bottoms, $20 each, and let the top double as a crop top paired with high waisted shorts or a skirt

*toss the Stardust Dress, $25, on with some strappy sandals and you're ready for whatever the day may bring you

*the Trailblazer Top, $25, is great for tossing over your swimsuit when it gets a little chilly coming in from the beach or the boat...or for the frigid plane ride!

*turn heads with the Akashi Top and Bottom, $20 each, the shell detail on this suit is just the right amount of whimsy

*the Getaway Skirt tossed over your swimsuit while posted up at a tikki bar is the perfect "just came off the beach" ensemble

*and for a little carribean dinner action pair the Barefoot Romper with your favorite necklace and the solstice clutch and own the night

If you aren't able to vacation somewhere tropical or hell even take a vacation.......toss some of these items on, throw on some shades, grab your best girlfriends....and post up at the nearest watering hole for a Mojito.....real "getaways" can be anytime, anywhere!!!



Brooke Kittrell