The "F" Word

Feminism, the ugly "f" word (get your mind out of the gutter lol) that has taken on a negative stigma for decades. Today is International Women's Day where we are supposed to stand united and show the world our solidarity..... yet even women themselves are divided when it comes to their ideals about feminism.

This morning I put up an image of myself and two other women who I have come to admire and respect, we were in the new swimsuits now carried on the site and someone commented "ha, not the image I was expecting to represent women who run the world" this comment alone infuriates me. First off, why is it that a "pretty girl" in a bikini can't fight for women's rights and stand up to patriarchy? Why is it that a "pretty" girl can't be deemed a "feminist"? This judgement alone goes against feminism and women standing up for other women. 

Also, to make an assumption based off of a picture and the women in it is stepping backwards not forwards for women's rights..... how do you know what those women believe in and right for? How do you know these women aren't "running the world"? YOU DON'T...... so get off of your judgmental high horse and stand up for other women instead of putting them down. 

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Brooke Kittrell