Top Notch

        You know what's top notch? Women coming together to empower each other. We have all been taught that competition is a good thing, that there isn't enough money, beauty, power or happiness to go around….so we compete with each other….but at what cost? 

         What if there WAS enough to go around for everyone? What if we stopped bashing each other to make ourselves look better? What if? Well…… it's time to wake up and realize that there IS enough of everything to go around and that we are all amazingly stunning in our own ways. So let's ban together, let's lift each other up, let's remind each other that we are the ones that keep this beautiful planet functioning (just keep letting men think they run things lol.) 

It's time, time to come TOGETHER, now that's top notch. Use the code "topnotch" to get 20% off all tops….get it, "top" notch……yea that just happened.

Brooke Kittrell